Lillianna Marie Baczeski

Upcoming Exhibition(s):

2020, Vertical Sky, Fresh As Fruit Gallery, DeLand, Florida

2020, Sea Seen, Connecticut Coastline

Past Group Exhibitions:

2019, Crosscurrents, curated by Christopher Platts, Alexey von Schlippe Gallery at Avery Point

2018, Hero Stories, CWOS Alternative Space at Yale West Campus, West Haven, Connecticut

2017, #IBelieveinWaterbury, Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury, Connecticut

2017, CWOS, Erector Square, New Haven, Connecticut

2017, Nasty Women New Haven, The Institute Library, New Haven, Connecticut

2016, CWOS Alternative Space at Goffe Street Armory, New Haven, Connecticut

2016, CWOS Erector Square, New Haven, Connecticut

2016, CTSG Exhibition, Alexey von Schlippe Gallery, Groton, Connecticut

2016, Notitleanytitle*, Urban Arts Space, Columbus, Ohio

2016, The 8 Fest, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2016, Berlin Film Fest at Skylab, Columbus, Ohio

2016, IMAGEOHIO 16, ROYGBIV Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

2015, Portrait Salon 15, London, England

2015, Autoshow, Temporary Collective, Columbus, Ohio

2015, IMAGEOHIO 16, ROYGBIV Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

2015, BlueSpace, Columbus, Ohio

2014, CHARTER, Columbus, Ohio

2014, Hollow, Smith Holography Lab, Columbus, Ohio

2014, ROYGBIV Small Works, Columbus, Ohio

2014, Temporary Collective, Pomerene Hall, Columbus, Ohio

2014, Crowdsource, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2014, Columbus Moving Image Art Review, Columbus, Ohio

2014, The Instant Now, Columbus, Ohio

2014, Pervasive Placelessness, Columbus, Ohio

2014, Basement Shapes, Columbus, Ohio

2014, IMAGEOHIO 14, ROYGBIV Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

2014, In Conversation, Hopkins Hall Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

2014, Wondrous Indeed, Fort Collins, Colorado

2013, ROYGBIV Small Works, Columbus, Ohio

2013, In League, Columbus, Ohio

2013, Remnant Space, Columbus, Ohio

2013, Ohio Art League's One Night, Columbus, Ohio

2013, Ohio Art League's Fall Juried Show, Columbus, Ohio

Two Person Exhibitions:

2014, Message Exchange, Gap Filler, Christchurch, New Zealand

2014, Passage Ritual, McCalla Basement, Bloomington, Indiana

2014, Passage Ritual, Hopkins Hall SUmmer Series, OSU Arts Initiative, Columbus, Ohio

Solo Exhibitions:

2015, Displacement, Sunset Beach & Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

2014, Message Exchange, 1x2x3, Christchurch, New Zealand

2014, General Relativity, Ohio Art League, Columbus, Ohio

Degree Education:

2022, University of Connecticut School of Law, JD (expected)

2016, The Ohio State University, Visual Art, MFA

2010, Chamiande University of Honolulu, Education, M.Ed

2008, University of Connecticut, Coastal Science, B.Sc.

2008, University of Connecticut, Visual & Linguistic Creative Theory, BA

Non-Degree Education:

2012, Yale University: Digital Photography

2012, School of the Art Institute of Chicago: Photography Critique

2011, University of Notre Dame: The Anti-Documentary

Grants, Awards & Honors:

2018, CWOS Grant Recipient

2018, Connecticut Sea Grant Recipient

2016, Hayes Graduate Research Forum Award Winner

2016, Fergus Graduate Thesis Material Scholarship Recipient

2015, Pinchuk Award Grant Recipient

2015, OSU Presidential Fellowship Nomination

2014, Critical Difference for Women Grant Recipient

2013, Primary Award Winner, Ohio Art League Fall Juried Show